Maud Ray

I am French Italian and I have lived over half of my life in UK. I am multilingual, culturally aware and welcome clients from any cultural/sexual background and abilities. I am a 5Rythm dancer, a yogini, and practice meditation.

I have a wide range of clinical experience from both the public and private sectors with a background of over 12 years in personal development field and 6 years in applied psychology. I have worked as a Psychotherapeutic Counselor across a range of private and public sector (NHS). This include the counselling hospital staff, amputees and neuro-psychological disorders patients.

I offer a reflective and mentoring practice for professionals working in busy and demanding clinical and organisational settings for those who choose to deepen their body mind connection.


I offer both short and ongoing psychotherapy for clients depending on their needs. I have experience working with people from all sort of walks of life, facing a variety of different issues, such as; anxiety, anger management, depression, pain management trauma, menopausal related issues, sexuality and intimacy, relationship issues. 


I believe that the bodymind, for both components are part of a whole, intrinsically linked together. Diligently, throughout our lives our body registers, both consciously, or not, what the mind experiences. As such, the body experience is an integral part of the clinical work I practice with my clients. I am interested how becoming more present to our whole being. I can help you to learn how to tolerate your feelings and help you develop the skills of being able to feel and think at the same time. This leads us to being able to cope differently with the existential given of life, anxiety, love, death, ambivalence, disappointment, acknowledging out shadow side.

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