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Maud Ray

International Couple & Psychosexual Therapist

I am an accomplished International Couple Psychosexual Therapist, (PG Dip) (Tavistock trained), BACP Accredited & COSRT registered, with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology.

I have extensive experience garnered over more than two decades in personal development, and 12 years in applied psychology, across both public and private sectors.

I work with individuals, couples & polyconfiguration relationship issues, sexual communication, sexuality, intimacy, menopause, sex and aging, exploration of alternatives to conventional intercourse;

issues with porn, body image, loss of desire, dealing with difference in libido in the couple, difficulty with orgasm, involuntary ejaculation, vaginismus, erectile issue, fear of sex or sex avoidance & phobias;  

sexual orientation, gender identity struggles/coming out, and exploration of alternative sexuality and relationships (Open relationships- Polyamory-  Kink- Fetishes).

Some couples also work with me to learn how to separate with integrity, authenticity, autonomy and respect. 

I also offer pre-marital therapy.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to serve a broad and diverse international clientele, spanning a wide spectrum of gender, sexual orientations, abilities, neurodiversity, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds, including but not limited to English, Scottish, Italian, Black Caribbean, French, Black African, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese.

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Maud Ray

I am truly grateful for the fact I do what I love. The Psychosexual lens is raw, powerful, unique. It is a most powerful tool to work with, and no stone is left unturned. We look at every single dimension of your life; the biology, psychology, spirituality, and physiology as well as one's present, past and past ancestry.

I love that I can help people get unstuck. I love I can help demystify and normalise what sexual intimacy truly can be.... a far cry from what media tells us perhaps. I love that I can help women learn how to feel pleasure and work towards having an orgasm, no matter their age. I love to be able to help couples finding a new space within themselves they didn’t know was there before and experience each other’s bodies in a different way. I feel privileged to be of service to those who need to learn again how to construct a safe space within themselves in order to be able to feel pleasure again.

As part of my Psychosexual work, I am interested how cultivating a quality of presence and acceptance of all our emotions and feelings affects the quality of our lives. How to sense, become aware of, label, live, release and dispel our emotions and feelings healthily .​

​I also hold the deep belief that body and mind can be integrated for both components are part of a whole. Diligently, in the background of our mind, our body creates a repository of knowledge about the experiences we live, even that for which there is no words sometimes. This dimension is integral part of my clinical work.​


My work is informed by Existentialist and Humanistic theory and principles, Zen Therapy, Focusing, Body Psychotherapy, Psychosexual Couple Therapy and Psycho-Physiology of trauma.


I am of French-Italian descent. My professional career has spanned across various countries from France, Brazil, Germany with England serving as my base for the last thirty years. My personal life is enriched by relationships with individuals from a multitude of cultural backgrounds, and I am raising my children to appreciate the diverse heritage they inherit from French, Italian and English ancestries. The principles of diversity, cultural inclusion and equality are integral to both my personal ethos and professional  practice. I am a 5Rythm dancer, a yogini, and practice meditation.

On a final note, I believe finding your therapist is like finding “that” pair of shoes - it needs to “fit”. The relationship you have together is pretty unique. Together we delve into the most hidden parts of The Self. So, it is primordial for you to feel safe and connected with your therapist . TRUST YOURSELF, you will know when you find the right one for you. Do not feel discouraged or put off if I am not for you. Persevere - Afterall, "the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" ( Lao Tzu).

                                   PSYCHOSEXUAL THERAPY

I am compassionate, authentic and suitably challenging. We work collaboratively, at your pace, with whatever arises during our sessions together. 

My imperative is to establish a safe, supportive and accepting connection so that the therapeutic relationship present between us can flourish. With it we explore your unique lived experience, how you make meaning of your world, your life. 


Together we make a way towards whatever it is that will be different/new for you. We explore how to increase awareness to the area that is being worked on to obtain the balance desired.

Sexuality is at the core of us, it involves body, mind and emotions and can be a tricky topic in life

Psychosexual therapy can help you undertake an amazing journey of discovery. Meeting your body and mind in a way you never have before. Unlearn patterns, rethink misconceptions about sex and relationships, learn a healthier model of sexuality

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